Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Episode 3rd March 2021: Mayura’s Health Worsens



In the latest episode of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, the Baby Shower ceremony is going on. Omkar brings Mayura to the hall. Manjiri and Agrima Devi give their blessing to them. After Mayura asks Omkar if he invited Agrima Devi to the ceremony. He says that his mother invited her here. Omkar then jokes and says that something cherished has been lost, Mayura asks what and Omkar replies your smile. Mayura smiles and says that she is pretty happy. She says that she is also happy as she gonna meet her family during the ceremony.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Today's Written Episode 3rd March 2021: Mayura's Health Worsens

While Akhilesh, Surekha, and Dadi are getting ready for the ceremony, Surekha sends a message to Akhilesh regarding the fruits. Meanwhile, Omkar comes there and asks them to light a lamp in the temple for mother and baby. Dadi says that the ceremony must be finished until we return. But Surekha says that they will go to the function anyhow. Manjiri there is about to start the rituals, Mayura interrupts her and says Omkar and her family haven’t reached yet. But Majiri says that mother and baby are here so she should start the rituals. She performed the rituals and after her everyone performs them.

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Later in the written episode, Mayura received a message from Surekha wherein she informs her that they won’t come to her ceremony as they also have to fulfill a custom for good of mother and baby. Akhilesh asks Mayura will feel bad as we would come to her first ceremony. Surekha says that she already informed her. Omkar goes to the ceremony and started to dance with Mayura. Manjiri asks about Mayura’s family, he informed her that they won’t come. Just then Mayura noticed that her family is entering the hall.

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Omkar gets shocked seeing them here, the flashback previewed where Surekha discloses the truth in front of him and Akhilesh decides to go to Mayura’s Baby Shower. Flashback ends. Manjiri asks Surekha to make Mayura have sweet with a silver spoon. She is about to do that when Omkar comes and throws the spoon. The creates a nuisance among the ceremony as Mayura takes a stand for her father. A big mess going in the ceremony. Meanwhile, Mayura’s health began to deteriorate. Omkar calls the doctor and he informs them that labor pain has started to her before the expectations.

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They take her to the hospital, Agrima Devi again says that she already warn all of you about that. Mayura again replies that if the baby is in danger or you want to make my baby in danger. Agrima Devi asks the doctor to finish the delivery of the baby at home. Manjri asks Akhilesh and Surekha to leave her baby. Akhilesh says that they can’t leave their daughter in such a condition.


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