‘Namak Issk Ka’19th February Written Episode: Saroj Slaps Kahani

Today’s episode of Namak Issk Ka begins with Iravati. She gets angry seeing the family members preparing for Kahani’s Munh Dikhayi. She tells Saroj that she has anklets on her feet. She takes everyone’s names one by one that includes Dadi, Rupa, Gunjan, and Saroj as well.

Dadi asks her to lower her standards as bringing a dancer Bahu home will result in people wearing Ghungroos only. Saroj tells her to stay calm as everyone already knows that who is behind the veil so it doesn’t matter if Munh Dikhayi takes place or not.

Namak Issk Ka 19th February 2021 Today's Written Episode: Saroj Slaps KahaniSaroj tells Kahani to leave the house as she has stolen the peace of everyone. Yug tries to convince his mother but Saroj tells him not to intervene. She tells him that she would have accepted her if she hadn’t worn her disgusting Ghungroos. Saroj tells Yug that she woke everyone up by the unbearable noise of her Ghungroos. She asks Kahani to instantly leave the house as she cannot bear her running her family’s reputation. Kahani tries to say something but gets slapped by Saroj instead.

Saroj tells her that if she stayed any longer in this house, she will transform it into a disgusting place. Saroj continues with her venom words and says that people like Kahaani are responsible for men getting attracted towards them. They break the marriages as the husbands leave their wives for these types of women. Saroj tells her to exit the house as soon as possible. Kahani gets hurt and announces that she will be leaving both this house and Yug’s life.

Kahani adds that she was wrong thinking she can be given one chance to live her life normally but now it’s clear that a dancer’s life is not given much importance in this society. She sadly says that if only people could give her respect instead of showering her with money. Yug tells everyone that Kahani will not go anywhere and will stay here only. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi asks him to think first before uttering such words.

Saroj listens to Yug’s words and asks him if he has fallen in love with a dancer like her. Yug tells her that even he doesn’t love her, he cannot ignore the relationship they share. Yug reminds her that even after anything, they are still husband and wife.

Yug takes Kahani back into the room to which the latter asks him to explain his sudden change of mind towards her. For the further story and written updates of Namak Ishq ka, follow our site and colors TV at 9 PM.





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