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Kuch To Hai 20th February Writen Update, Rehaan Asks Priya To Be His Girlfriend

Rehaan Asks Priya To Be His Girlfriend
Kuch To Hai 20th February Writen Update, Rehaan Asks Priya To Be His Girlfriend

The latest episode of Kuch To Hai starts with Rehaan asks Priya to be his girlfriend. He further says that you can become a possessive girlfriend who can even see me with any other girl. Rehaan is asking Priya to act like a possessive girlfriend. Priya gets agreed and but put some conditions according to which he won’t touch her and won’t cross the line. Rehaan looks on at Priya and stand comes in front of him. While Priya is doing the same what Rehaan told her. Priya is trying to show attitude but Rehaan smiles and says that I think that I must teach showing attitude.


Everyone is having dinner, Priya assisting in serving dinner. Mohit looks at her. Mr Khurana then offers some food to Rehaan but he refuses. Soumya thinks that he doesn’t eat what usual humans eat. Mr Khurana asks Priya to give Rehaan something to eat. Priya asks him what he will like to eat.

Rehaan then goes to a tree and noticed a number written on it but it was torn by someone already.Mrs Khurana comes to the mansion and removes the black veil. She then talks with someone underwater. She tells that she had sent Rehaan 5 years back, had managed to convince Pam and her husband send him back.

Priya there overhears while Swati is talking to Arnav and telling about coordinating their Mehandi clothes. Priya asks Swati if she is comfortable if she will pay rent to her. Swati asks shall I assist you in getting a job. Priya says that she will find it on her own. Meanwhile, Mrs Khurana talking to that he will turn into Aadishaat soon.

Rehaan in the jungle starts roaring like Dracula and asks himself who am I, he further asks why I am like this and why I am behaving such weird and how he get all such powers. Mini and Aaro come to find the ghost. Priya there follows Aaro and Mini with her cycle and feels that the animal again comes into the jungle.

But seen Rehaan standing but not visible to her. Later, Rehaan asks Priya to become act like his girlfriend and they both dance at the party. Get the complete updates of the show on Colors at 8 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest written episode updates on Kuch To Hai.





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