‘Indian Idol’ Season 12 Latest 21st Feb. 2021 Episode:

‘Indian Idol’ Season 12 Latest 21st Feb. 2021 Episode:

Indian Idol Season 12 will dedicate a special episode to the legendary composers of Indian Cinema, Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Tonight’s episode will be thoroughly dedicated to the special guests. The contestants will give performances on his composed songs and take the viewers’ memory down the lane. Since Laxmikant passed away long ago, Pyarelal joined the melodious singers on their journey. Aditya Narayan along with the judges will make the evening more beautiful by showing off their talented chosen singers perform one by one. Let’s find out the upcoming performances of the top contestants.

Indian Idol Season 12 Laxmikant Pyarelal

Ashish Kulkarni was called on the stage by Aditya surprisingly in a normal way since the host pulls the participant’s leg a lot on his unique dance steps during his performances. Well, Ashish’s look was also different than other days. He dressed in a rowdy attire and performed on “Jumma Chumma”, one of the blockbuster compositions of the arrived guest. However, besides collecting the appreciation for his singing, Ashish impressed the judges with his changed appearance as well. At the end of the grand performance, the whole set echoed in claps while Pyarelal also wore the same outfit as him.

‘Indian Idol’ Season 12 Latest 21st Feb



The next performance will be by Nachiket Lele, who will arrive on the stage wearing a suit like older times. The song he chose was Kishore Da’s “My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves”. It garnered a lot of appreciation as well. Neha Kakkar complimented the performance as a magical one. Sawai Bhatt and Md. Danish will be seen teaming up and performing on a religious song named “Chalo Bulawa Hain”. Everyone got the divine feeling and lost further in the mesmerizing voices of the duo.’Indian Idol’ Season 12

‘Indian Idol’ Season 12

To impress the judges next appeared Idol Arunita with her soulful performance on “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”. Pyarelal got so impressed with her performance that he blessed the girl. He called the performance A + and nothing less than that. Whereas the judging panel also showered the girl in love and compliments. She went up to him and even touched his feet.

Well, altogether the LP Live in Concert is going to be extremely grand tonight in Indian Idol Season 12. It will be air on Sony TV so the viewers can watch the reality show at 8 PM. Watch amazing Laxmikant-Pyarelal special episode and relive the moments and memories attached with those unmatched songs. The commendable performances will definitely soothe your mind and soul while a shocking elimination will be waiting for the contestants in Sunday’s episode.



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