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These changes in SG ball before the Test series, matches will be played with new ball

The Test series between India and England starts today i.e. Friday, February 5. All the matches in this series will be played with the new change ball. According to SG, the company that supplies the ball to the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the seam of the new ball will be slightly raised, the inner part will be tighter and it will be some dark red color. Many such changes will be seen in this ball. In the last few years, SG ball was criticized by top Indian players, including captain Virat Kohli and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.

He complained of the ball being damaged and losing stiffness in the first 10 overs. In such a situation, after suggestions from the players, SG made changes in the ball and gave the hand-made ball finishing like machine-made balls. Now it remains to be seen how the ball will make its impact. Let us tell you, SG Company has been supplying balls for first class cricket matches in India since 1993 and over the years, it has been making changes to the ball as per the suggestions received from the players. The new SG ball is now the same as the players wanted. His seam is somewhat bulging. The cork used inside the ball is tighter than before and will be dark red in color.



The new ball is expected to retain its bounce and tightness until the 60th over. SG marketing director Paras Anand said, “The key change is its seam. Now it is more bulging. Especially the spinners want the seam to make a good grip and spin the ball more.” The Indian team has been on overseas tours for a long time, where they have faced Kookaburra and Duke in Test cricket.




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