Tabrez Shamsi, who came in support of Dickock over the controversial runout of Fakhar Zaman, told why he had hinted


Many questions are being raised about the playing spirit of South African wicketkeeper batsman Quinton Dickock. Several negative comments have been made about Dickock since the disputed runout of Fakhar Zaman in the second ODI of the three-match series against Pakistan. Amidst all this, his fellow player Tabrez Shamsi has responded to critics of Dickock via Twitter. Shamsi said that at that time Dickock was neither talking to the batsman nor pointing towards him.

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Shamsi wrote on Twitter, ‘I just want to make it clear that Quinton Dickock was neither talking to the batsman nor pointing to the batsman at that time, he asked the fielder to back-up at the non-striker end Were living. It is not Dickock’s fault that the batsman turned around and looked at the non-strike end and instead focused on completing his run, which he should have done. Stop hating Quinton Dickock and leave him alone. ‘

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Shamsi further wrote, ‘Is it not funny that the batsman stops instead of completing his run? In this way, do not divert attention from Fakhar Zaman’s brilliant innings, which he played. The batsman’s job was to complete the run. It is just such a thing. ‘ Fakhar Zaman was runout off the first ball of the last over. He was running towards the striker end when Quinton Dickock pointed at the nonstriker end and looked back, failing to complete his run and being runout. Fakhar hit a world record innings of 193 runs. It was the largest record by any batsman chasing a target.

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