Santo hopes for ‘tough match’ against Arsenal


Wolverhampton Wanderers are in extremely poor form in the Premier League and on Tuesday, Wolves and Arsenal will play against each other. Ahead of the game, Wolverhampton Wanderers head coach Nuno Espirito Santo has said that he is looking forward to a “tough match” against Arsenal as his rivals are doing very well.

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A website quoted Santo as saying, “This is a good side, a good squad. Talented player. Everyone has faced problems, faced tough situations, and Arsenal dealt with them really well. Has done. They are playing and performing very well, so we hope. Tomorrow’s tough match. “He added,” All the teams in the league have faced problems for various reasons, everyone knows That this season is different from other seasons, so all the teams have dealt with situations and I think Arsenal have dealt well because they are playing very good football now. They have been able to bounce back. ”

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Santo said that the game is always the best way to do it and that his team shows themselves that they want to do better again, and expects that from everyone.



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