Know the lessons learned from Dhoni, how Rishabh Pant will use against him


The 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will start on 9 April and the Chennai Super Kings will face the challenge of Delhi Capitals on 10 April. This season, Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer is out due to injury, in such a situation, Rishabh Pant will take charge of the team. Pant considers Dhoni his mentor and in such a situation, the first match for him will not be less than a litmus test, because CSK’s command is in the hands of Dhoni.

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Delhi Capitals captain Pant said, ‘My first match as captain will be against Mahi Bhai (Mahendra Singh Dhoni). It will be a good experience for me because I have learned a lot from them. I also have my own experiences as a player. I will try to do something different against CSK by combining the learning and my experience from them. Having faced ups and downs during his international career, Pant has been in excellent form for some time. Pant is often compared with Dhoni, but this young player has said that his goal is to create a niche for himself. He, however, consults Dhoni.

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Pant has scored 2,079 runs in 68 IPL matches. He said that he will work hard to get Delhi Capitals the first IPL title. Asked about the impact of head coach Ricky Ponting on the team, Pant said, “He (Ponting) has done a great job for us for the last two-three years.” He said, “He brings energy to the team and as a player when you look at your coach and think that you can learn a lot from this person, then there is nothing better than this.” Pant said, “Hopefully with the help of Ricky and the whole team, we will be able to win the title this time.”

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