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For this reason, Motera Stadium is being discussed more than the third match

Sports desk. The third Test of the series between India and England will be played from February 24 at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, which will be a day-night test. After 2014, the first international match is to be played on this ground. The construction of this stadium started from the year 2015, which was finished in the year 2020. Now this stadium has become the largest cricket stadium in the world. In this stadium, 1.10 lakh spectators can watch the match and also the stadium has all kinds of modern facilities. The third Test between India and England will be played with a pink ball, so on this ground, India has played 12 matches in Tests so far, in which 4 have won, while there are 6 Test matches drawn. Apart from this, India has lost on this ground in 2 Tests. Seeing the beauty of Motera Stadium, they are shocked against England and India. Cricketers have also given their reaction by tweeting. In this case, know the special things related to the stadium.

This big stadium, built at a cost of about 700 crores, also has an Olympic size swimming pool. The stadium has 4 dressing rooms. The entire stadium complex is spread over 63 acres. Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is the first stadium in the world, where 11 multiple pitches have been made. Red clay and black soil have been used in the construction of 5 out of 11 pitches of Motera. In addition to the main ground in Motera, there are two practice grounds. The seating capacity of the audience at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium is one lakh. Now the audience capacity in Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium is 1 lakh 10 thousand. That is, this stadium of India has now become the world’s largest capacity cricket stadium. By the way, to get the status of the world’s largest cricket stadium in the Guinness Book of World Records, this stadium must have so many spectators present during the match.



The specialty of Motera is that now the matches will not be canceled due to rain. The grounds will dry up in 30 minutes. Here all the soil drainage system is designed in such a way that it will be dried in just 30 minutes. That is, the match will not be canceled even if it rains for 8 cm. Flood lights have not been used but LED lights have been used. This Motera Stadium has the use of boundary LED (LED) lights, so now players will not have any problem in seeing the ball well in night matches. It is the first stadium in India to use LED lights. The use of LED lights does not reflect the shadows. The stadium has a modern gymnasium attached with 4 dressing rooms so that the player does not have to go to the gym separately. Players can enjoy the gym only in dressing form. The stadium has 6 indoor pitches, where baling machines are also provided.




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