Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bowling action of this bowler in T10 League tournament will be stunned by watching viral-video

These days T10 League is being played in Abu Dhabi. All the cricketers of the world are participating in this league. Veteran international cricketers like Chris Gayle, Tom Banton are part of this league. During this time there is a lot of discussion about the bowling action of Sri Lankan spinner named Kevin Kothigoda. Many bowlers have become famous for weird bowling action in the world, but Kevin’s action seems to be the most strange of them all.

Kevin has also fallen twice after a follow-through during his bowling during a T10 League match due to strange bowling action. Kevin Maratha is playing for Arabians. In the match played against Kalanders on 2 February, he was able to bowl just one over. He spent five runs in an over. Tom Banton was also stunned by his bowling action. Kevin’s bowling action has become very viral and it is being shared widely on social media.




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