Akash Chopra selected five best batsmen of IPL history, Chris Gayle and Andre Russell


The Indian Premier League, one of the most famous T20 leagues in the world, is heavily rainy with fours and sixes. Every season, many new batsmen in the IPL are seen making their new identities in world cricket on the basis of their bat. However, in this instant cricket tournament, there are some batsmen, who make their bat in the league every year. Fans are also heavily entertained by the presence of batsmen such as Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, AB de Villiers. Meanwhile, former India batsman and commentator Akash Chopra has been chosen as the five best batsmen in IPL history. However, surprisingly, Akash has not included batsmen like Gayle, Russell in his list.

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Akash Chopra chose the five best batsmen in IPL history in a video shared on his Twitter. He took the name of Virat Kohli at the top of his list. Akash praised Virat, the highest run-scorer in IPL history. The former cricketer took the name of batsman AB de Villiers of Royal Challengers Bangalore at number two. He said that while praising de Villiers’ strike rate, he said that despite winning the top order, he wins his heart every season with his performance. Akash has placed Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner at number three. He shared Warner’s statistics and described him as the best batsman in the continuity of the league.

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The former opener has named Suresh Raina, known as Mist IPL, at number four. Raina’s record in the Indian batsmen has been the highest in the IPL. Akash described Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma as the best batsman of the IPL at number one and number five. He said that Rohit’s IPL figures may not be as good, but despite this, he has scored more than 5000 runs in this league. Akash hoped that Rohit would perform some bang this time.

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