Thursday, February 25, 2021

Varanasi-born two-headed unique buffalo calf, see amazing photos

Varanasi: PM Narendra Modi’s constituency Varanasi shocked everyone when a buffalo gave birth to a two-headed calf here. The calf is healthy even after birth. People died in Sikrol ward of Cantt area of ​​Varanasi when a buffalo gave birth to a two-headed calf in a cowshed in the area.

On seeing the crowd, everyone began to assess this rare event from their respective perspectives. Gaushala owner Ramamurthy Yadav said that he was ready to give buffalo since morning, but the child was not coming out even after much effort. After hours of hard work, the first two heads of the children came out and then the calf was born, but the two heads were connected.

The talk of such a unique calf spread like fire to people and people from far and wide started reaching to see this amazing calf. At the moment both the buffalo and its calf are healthy and people are talking about this calf in different ways. Some are calling it inauspicious and some auspicious.


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