US-India Relations: Building a Permanent 21st Century Partnership

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, it is time to renew the promise of a “unique partnership” between India and the US that can directly benefit a fifth of humanity, in the US India’s Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu has said.

In an opinion headline titled ‘The Meeting of the Challenge of the Times of the India-US Partnership’ in US news outlet Newsweek, Sandhu outlines five key areas of cooperation between New Delhi and Washington that not only make the two democracies Will benefit, but also help the successor. A safer, healthier and more prosperous world.

These regions are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, strengthening climate change, digital capabilities, education partnerships and defense and strategic partnerships.

“As the world comes to its greatest disruption in more than half a century, it is time to renew the promise of a unique partnership that can directly achieve humanity’s fifth benefit, and that sustainable peace and security.” Can be the source of rule-based world order, ”writes Sandhu.



While the two countries have formed a “remarkable partnership” over the past two decades built on bipartisan consensus in the US and cross-party support in India, Sandhu said under the new US administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamlesh Harris: We are our countries and Can build that foundation to benefit the world.

“Our immediate work with the US administration will focus on countering the epidemic, advancing our broader cooperation in health care, which is currently undergoing scientific exchanges (currently five vaccine collaborations for drug exchanges and best practices exchange) Are) “said.




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