Saturday, February 27, 2021

Those coming from these 5 states in Delhi will have to show the corona test report: sources

New Delhi: Due to increasing cases of coronavirus in some states of the country, the Delhi government has become alert. It has been reported by quoting sources that it will be made mandatory for people coming to Delhi from five states to bring a negative report of Corona. Sources have said that people coming to Delhi from Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab will get entry in Delhi only after showing negative RT-PCR.

Explain that in the last one week, 86% of the new Corona cases have come from these five states, after which the Delhi government has decided this. A formal order regarding this decision will be issued today. Nodal officers of these five states will be asked to ensure a 72-hour-old negative RT-PCR test report of people going to Delhi from here, and only then come to Delhi. This order will be applicable from midnight of Friday, 26 February to 12:00 noon on 15 March. Please tell that the order will be applicable to the passengers coming to Delhi by flight, train and bus while the passengers coming to Delhi by car will stay out of it.



Let us know that in the last one week, Corona cases have increased in many states of the country. In particular, new cases of corona have increased rapidly in many districts of Maharashtra. Lockdown has also been imposed in Amravati and Yavatmal. There was also a report last week that different variants of the virus have been found in Maharashtra, however, yet more sequencing is needed, in which case it cannot be called a new strain.




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