Saturday, February 27, 2021

This district of Rajasthan became free, no positive case came from 8 days

New Delhi. The Dausa district has finally become corona free after a long battle. Currently there is not a single active case of Corona here. There has been no new positive case in the district for the last eight days. Not having a single active case of corona in Dausa is an auspicious sign. However, Corona is not over yet. People are constantly being advised by the administration to take special precautions, in case the risk of infection remains intact. It is important to follow corona guidelines, apply masks and follow social distancing. This is because Corona has become active once again in two districts of Maharashtra. Due to which there has to be a lockdown. In such a situation, it is important to be aware even between the falling graph of corona and the phase of vaccination. So that Dausa district can remain corona free like this.


In the last one year, a total of 65805 people in Dausa district were sampled for the Kovid test. In which 2429 people were found to have corona infection. The good thing is that to date there is not a single corona positive case in Dausa. All 2429 positive cases have been recovered. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Manish Chaudhary says that there is not a single active case in Dausa but people have to be cautious.

Doctor Manish Chaudhary said that random sampling is being done in schools to prevent spread of Kovid-19 infection in the district. Also, people are being appealed to be cautious. Dausa Collector Piyush Samaria says that being kovid free is a good sign but still we have to stay masked and follow social distance, so that our district can remain kovid free.




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