The Supreme Court objected to being called ‘Your Honor’, said – We are not magistrates of America

The Supreme Court on Monday objected to the address of a law student when he addressed the judges as ‘Your Honor’. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court SA Bobde told the petitioner that when you call us your Honor, you either have the Supreme Court of United States or Magistrate in your mind, whereas we are not both.

Following the Supreme Court’s objection, the petitioner immediately apologized and said that he would use the word My Lords. After which CJI said whatever it is. Our theme is not what you tell us, but do not use the wrong words. The law student had filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the filing of vacancies in the subordinate judiciary.



Justice V Ramasubramaniam explained to the law student that something important was missing in his argument and that he had come to court without doing his homework in the case. He found that law student Malik Mazhar Sultan forgot the instructions in the case and appointments to the subordinate judiciary are made as per the time-limit prescribed in the case.




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