The first demand from Ayodhya to stop the hanging of Hattarin Shabnam, Mahant Paramahansa Das said – If the woman is hanged then disasters will come

The first demand has come from Ayodhya to stop the hanging of the murderous Shabarin, who brutally stabbed seven people from his own family to marry a lover. Mahant Paramhans Das of Tapasvi Cantonment has appealed to the President to waive the death sentence of Shabnam. Mahanta said that no woman was hanged till date after the independence of the country. This will be the first case if Shabnam is hanged. He said that the country could face misfortune and calamities due to the hanging of a woman.

Mahanta said that ‘in Hindu scriptures, women rank far above men. The death of a woman will not do any good to society. On the contrary, it will invite misfortune and disasters. ‘ Mahanta said that it is true that her crime is not forgivable but she should be forgiven as a woman.



Appeal to the President
Mahant Paramahansa Das said that ‘being a Hindu religious leader, I appeal to the President to accept Shabnam’s petition for pardon. She has atoned for her crime in prison. If he was hanged, it would be the most unfortunate chapter in history. Mahanta said that the constitution of the country gives extraordinary powers to the President. They should use these powers to pardon them. ‘

So hanged
Shabnam of Babankhedi village of Amroha in Uttar Pradesh has been sentenced to death for the brutal murder of seven people of his own family. Shabnam carried out this heinous act on the night of 14–15 April 2008 with her boyfriend. He is lodged in Rampur jail since July 2019.




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