The corona guideline stripped in the march on foot of the congress, jammed in place, public worried

Jaipur. On Saturday, foot marches were organized by the Congress at district headquarters across the state to protest against the agriculture laws of the Center. The farmers were not seen in this march, but the Congressmen participated in a big way. Tractors, jeeps and camels also appeared on this march. Transport Chief Minister Pratapsinh Khachariwas drove a tractor when the Chief Chief Mahesh Joshi was seen on a camel in a 5-km march on foot in the capital Jaipur. The march on foot began at the State Congress Committee office at Chandpol Circle in Parkote of Pink Nagar Jaipur, and ended by reaching Chandta Gate via Chandpol Hanuman Mandir, Chhoti Chaupar, Tripolia Gate, Badi Chaupar, Ramganj Chaupar and Surajpol Grain Mandi. The five-kilometer-long march was completed in about a quarter of an hour. Left at 11 am and arrived at about twelve in the afternoon.

A foot march was taken out of the house during the morning exit for the market and office. Passers faced a lot of trouble as the march was carried out in the crowded area of ​​Parkote. The police blocked the way for transit. This led to long queues of vehicles. People were seen roaming the streets of Parkota to reach their destination. Due to which there was jam from place to place.



The Corona Guideline came down heavily on the Congress march on foot. Government ministers and legislators appeared without a mask. At the same time, most of the officials and workers also did not put masks. Those who had masks, instead of covering their mouths and noses, hung them in the throat. At the same time, social distancing was also not maintained. While the Chief Minister is constantly asking people to follow the rules to avoid the third wave of Corona.




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