Shabnam’s death warrant could not be released due to this reason!

New Delhi. The decision on when Shabnam will be hanged in Rampur jail has not been decided yet. All the preparations have been made in Mathura jail for hanging Shabnam, but due to the non-issuance of the death warrant, he could not be hanged. In order to execute Shabnam’s death, a demand was issued by the District Counsel with the District Judge of Mathura to issue a death warrant. However, pending the mercy petition of Shabnam at Raj Bhavan, the judge refused to issue the warrant. It is not yet decided when Shabnam will be hanged in the jail, but now a new twist has come in this case. From jail, Shabnam has now demanded a CBI inquiry. Shabnam met her son Taj on Sunday. Shabnam asked her son to read very well. The son also asked the mother for the first time whether she had committed this crime?



Shabnam demanded a CBI inquiry

Shabnam met his son and his caretaker Usman in jail. The two met for about an hour. Taj goes to jail to meet his mother. He asked his mother for the first time, did you commit the crime, then he said that he had been framed. She has been demanding to investigate this before the court, but her demand has not been met.

CBI investigation requested

Shabnam became emotional after seeing her son. He said that son should study hard. The son’s caretaker Usman said that if Shabnam committed this crime then he should not be saved at all. Once Shabnam is allowed to talk to the media. He says that Shabnam has demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter.




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