Shabnam cried bitterly by meeting her son, Boli – you from my shadow…

New Delhi. Shabnam met her son in Rampur jail on Sunday on 14/15 April 2008 at Bawankhedi in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district, killing seven family members along with lover Salim. On Sunday, Shabnam’s son had reached the jail in Rampur with his parents to meet his mother. Around 12.10 pm he went inside the jail and came out at around 1.15. The mother-son met for about an hour.

Let me tell you that on Sunday, Shabnam jailed and hugged her son bitterly. He has told his son that you should not worry about me, eat well, study diligently and grow up to be a good person. What I would have written would be in my luck. You stay away from my shadow He also told his son’s parents that keep it away from my identity, it is good if my name is not associated with it. The meeting between the mother and son lasted for about an hour.



Significantly, Shabnam has been convicted for the murder of seven of his family members. The Supreme Court has also sentenced him to death. His mercy petition has also been rejected from the Governor and the President. In such a situation, preparations have been started to hang him in Mathura jail. However, his death warrant has not been issued yet. Shabnam was earlier in Moradabad jail where his son was born. Shabnam’s son has been in jail with his mother till the age of six. After this, a person from Bulandshahr has taken charge of his upbringing. Shabnam’s son has been living with the person for almost six years. Shabnam has been sent from Moradabad to Rampur jail in July 2019. Shabnam’s son comes to Rampur to meet his mother.




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