Rahul’s taunt on rising fuel prices, said- Modi government emptying your pockets and giving ‘friends’

New Delhi: The ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel are raising the concerns of the common man. Along with this, they are also giving opportunity to the opposition to attack the government. On Monday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Rahul Gandhi has written in his tweet that the central government is doing a big job of emptying the pockets of the public and giving free friends’ for free.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet that, ‘When you put oil in the car at the petrol pump, looking at the fast rising meter, you should remember that the price of crude oil has not increased, rather it has decreased Has been . Petrol is 100 rupees / liter. Modi government to empty your pocket and let them! Friend ‘is doing a great job of giving! #FuelLootByBJP ‘


Apart from Rahul Gandhi, his brother-in-law Robert Vadra has also expressed his opposition to the government in relation to the rising prices of petrol and diesel. On Monday, Robert Vadra cycled into his office and lodged his protest against the government. On the rising prices of petrol and diesel, Robert Vadra said that the PM should come out of AC cars and know the suffering of the people. Robert Vadra said that the present government only blames earlier governments.




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