Priyanka Gandhi said in Mathura – BJP government should not sell Govardhan Parvat

New Delhi. In support of the farmers who are opposing the new agricultural laws, the Congress is continuously conducting farmer mahapanchayats. On Tuesday, Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed the Mahapanchayat in Mathura. Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing the large crowd gathered at Palikheda Maidan, launched several attacks on the BJP government. Priyanka Gandhi’s speech was centered on PM Modi in a way. He once again reiterated that the peasant law has been made for billionaires. Meeting in Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna, Priyanka said that Lord Shri Krishna will break the arrogance of this government.

Priyanka Gandhi said that the BJP government is bent on selling everything. Keep the Govardhan mountain, do not know anything of tomorrow, do not try to sell it too. The Center has waived millions of crores of loans to the Kharabapati friends. Not a single loan of farmers was waived. Kharbapati friends have earned 26 thousand crores from farmers in the name of crop insurance. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that this is the land of Mathura. This earth breaks the ego. Lord Shri Krishna had protected the people of this earth by lifting the Govardhan mountain to break the ego of Shri Indra Devji, who was immersed in ego. Since then Annakut Govardhan Puja is held here.



Priyanka Gandhi said that the promises made during the election turned out to be false. The truth is in front of you. He said that it is not just the arrogant Prime Minister, he is also a cowardly Prime Minister. Because as soon as their policies and decisions are questioned, they immediately go back and blame the previous governments. Today, the BJP government has also raised arrogance for the farmers. On the border of the country who have sent their sons to be martyred. Today that farmer is sitting on the road. For 90 days, the farmer has been fighting for his right. 215 farmers were martyred. The government cut electricity, shut off water, beaten them and tortured them. But he was not heard. The Prime Minister did not come to talk to the farmers. Reading the poem of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, he said that Vivek dies when the destroyer is an umbrella. The conscience of this government is dead.




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