Police pulled a young man for not wearing a mask, threatening to kill him


Satna: The corona havoc in Madhya Pradesh is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, you will see that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is constantly appealing to all the people of the state to wear masks due to their security. In such a case, a case has emerged that everyone is shocked. Actually, this case is related to the vandalism of the police. The case is being reported of Satna, where police have shown vandalism when a youth has not worn a mask. In this case, a young man wearing a mask has been dragged and dragged by the Kolgwan police. Now the video of the Kolagwan police vandalism in Satna is becoming increasingly viral.

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In this video, the young man whom the policemen are beating up, is being told that he did not mask. Enraged by the police for not putting on the mask, he dragged her away and assaulted her. In this case, it is being reported that the young man had already received an invoice of Rs 100 at an intersection, and was looking for a medical shop to buy a mask. Meanwhile, as soon as he started going to the medical shop to buy the mask, the police arrived. The police then started beating him.

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During this time, the victim kept showing challans again and again, but the policemen were not ready to listen and the young man was dragged and beaten. According to reports, the victim’s name is Santosh Kushwaha. While returning from the market, police beat him up for not wearing a mask at the circuit house intersection. It is being said that the police tried to drag him to the police car and meanwhile a policeman threatened to kill him. Now, this matter is under discussion all around.

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