Monday, March 1, 2021

PM Modi addressed the defense ministry’s program, said this

New Delhi: Addressing the function of the country’s Ministry of Defense, PM Narendra Modi spoke about the efforts being made by the government to modernize the Indian Army. In the meantime, he attacked the previous governments and said that before independence we had hundreds of ordnance factories, but all became weak after independence.

PM Modi has said that after the budget, the Government of India is discussing with the people of various fields how to implement the budget and how to prepare a roadmap for the budget together, to participate in the Defense Ministry webinar today. have the opportunity. Discuss with partners, stack holders. PM Modi said that ‘Where our brave soldiers take training, it is written that sweating during the war stops the blood flow during the war. That is, pre-condition of peace is valor, valor is pre-condition of power, strength is pre-condition of strength. ‘



In the Defense Ministry webinar, PM Narendra Modi said that ‘before independence, we had hundreds of Ordnance Factories, large scale weapons were sent from India in both world wars, but after independence, this system was so much that many Reason from. Has not been strengthened, it should have been done. ‘




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