Pawan hangman will now do all the work of the killer Shabnam, know where the noose is being prepared

New Delhi. Shabnam, the villain who killed seven, including her parents and brother-in-law with her lover, is finishing her last breath in Rampur jail. At present, he is not even aware and preparations for hanging him have been started in Mathura jail. Not only this, the executioner has also inspected the hanging house. For the first time in Azad India, a woman is going to be hanged. The executioner will also be hanged by the killer Shabnam, who hanged the culprits of the Nirbhaya incident. Yes, Shabnam will be hanged by the Pawan executioner of Mathura. The Pawan executioner of Meerut, who hanged the four convicts of the Nirbhaya incident, is now ready to hang Shaboam, the killer of Amroha. Pawan Hangman will record a new record in his name by completing the work that has not happened since independence. Pawan hangman has also visited Mathura jail, where Shabnam is to be hanged.

As soon as Pawan hangman, who has inspected the hanging, will put Shabnam on the gallows, a new record of hanging a woman in independent India will be associated with her name. When the death warrant is issued, Shabnam will be taken to Mathura jail for hanging from Rampur jail. The executioner Pawan, the ancestor of Meerut, has also inspected the hanging house for this. Special rope has been called for the hanging noose, while the noose is getting ready in Buxar. Not only this, Pawan hangman inspected the hanging house and also handed over the list of some changes to the administration, which is being worked on. Let me tell you that at four in the early hours of May 21, Pawan Jallad hanged four convicts of Nirbhaya incident in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Pawan holds the record for four executions so far. Many of his generations have been doing this ancestral work. Pawan is a resident of Kanshiram residential colony in Meerut.



Amroha’s shocking incident

The shocking incident took place on 14 April 2008 in Wabankhedi village of Amroha district. Shabnam, the daughter of primary teacher Shaukat Ali, fell in love with Salim of the village, whose consequences had come to the fore. Shabnam, along with lover Salim, had put on a plan to end the whole family. He spread sensation across the country by killing seven, including father, mother, brother, sister-in-law and innocent nephew.




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