Order of inquiry, same mobile number of more than 1 lakh people who take corona vaccine in MP

New Delhi . There has been a big flaw in the vaccination in Madhya Pradesh amid claims of dealing with the corona virus. The addresses of thousands of people who have been tested have been found fake, thousands of names of health and frontline workers are registered on a mobile number on the Kovid portal for Corona vaccination. As a result, many people could not get information about other doses. When the information of this whole matter reached the Chief Minister, there was only a stir. On this, Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang told NDTV that the list had come from different departments, we have caught this error. This is a human error, we caught the mistake ourselves and corrected it. Due to this mistake, the vaccination program did not deteriorate, it went right. Investigation orders have also been given.

Let us tell you that in January, like the country, a vaccine festival was organized in Madhya Pradesh for the first vaccination, but after that the NHM report of the vaccination campaign on February 11 revealed that 1,37,454 vaccine employees in the state had mobiles The number record has been found to be the same. Of these, 83598 health workers, 32422 of Urban Administration and Housing Department, 6977 of Revenue Department, 7338 of Home Department and 119 employees of Panchayati Raj Department have got similar mobile numbers. In districts, 17644 in Indore, 11703 in Jabalpur, 8349 in Bhopal, mobile numbers have been found to be the same.



Rajesh Parmar is in charge of cleanliness, 7 people have their names registered on their phone numbers, they have already taken the first dose. They are in charge of cleanliness, whose names are registered on their number, they will now get the first dose of vaccine on 17th. Basant Agar is a sanitation inspector in the municipality, the names of 8 people are also registered on his number, he says that there are many sweepers who did not have mobiles, so the spring number was written in front of their names. Now the problem is that because of this, whose number was registered, he got the vaccine on the message. However, other health workers kept waiting for their turn to get vaccinated. On this matter, the Congress said that this is a gross negligence, senior Congress leader and former Law Minister PC Sharma said, “In the case of test, the laxity is going on in the case of vaccine, the names and addresses are all fake notes, in Madhya Pradesh More than one lakh got a note on only one number. I understand that messing is going on in the entire corona.




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