Thursday, February 25, 2021

One judge kept listening, then the other gave direction to Ravi

Climate activist Disha Ravi has been granted bail on a personal bond of Rs 1 lakh in the toolkit case related to the farmers’ movement. A strange incident occurred between the hearing of the case, one judge hearing the police’s argument at the same time, the other judge granted bail. The judge of the movement, Dagnitran Rana, has granted bail for personal bond of Rs 1 lakh and 2 surety amount of Rs 1-1 lakh. He said that he has no criminal history. Disha Ravi case was being heard in two courts. In one court, the judge was hearing an application for extension of Disha’s police custody, while another court is hearing for his bail. Before taking any decision to extend custody, Disha gets bail from another court. He was released from Tihar Jail late on Tuesday.

According to the information received, a sedition case has been filed against Disha Ravi. However, he was relieved when the Delhi Police admitted during a hearing that he did not yet have evidence that the toolkit and Delhi violence were in sync.

It is also being said, where Disha Ravi had earlier said that if treason was committed on farmers for raising their voice on the global stage, he is in jail. In the midst of the hearing, the Delhi Police said in its favor that the toolkit case was part of a deeper conspiracy to tarnish India’s international image which also includes Mohammed Dhaliwal, founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, sitting in Canada. On whose direction many people including Disha Ravi are present in it. For this, the peasant movement has been chosen. So that it tarnishes the image of India.


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