Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nitin Gadkari’s big gesture on petrol and diesel, ‘now needs alternative fuel’

Petrol and diesel prices are on fire in the country, the government also realizes this, but no relief is being talked about till now. Rather, the thing is happening now that how to bring any other fuel in place of petrol and diesel. Country electric cars are coming, but their reach has not yet reached the common man. On the rising prices of petrol and diesel, Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that ‘I suggest that this is the time when the country should go towards alternative fuel. I am already insisting on using electricity as fuel, because surplus is electricity in India.

Nitin Gadkari says that ‘We are currently making 81 percent lithium-ion-batteries in India. Today, my ministry has also taken the option of lithium ion. All related labs are engaged in research. The ministry is now also developing hydrogen fuel cells. He said that ‘We are currently preparing to substitute Fossil Fuels (Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas, Oil Shell) which is very important for the country at this time. The Union Minister said that ‘the problem is that the prices of Fossil Fuels have increased significantly in the world market, and India imports 70 percent of this fuel’. At this time the country imports 8 lakh crore worth of Fossil Fuels. Gadkari said that he has recently launched a bio-CNG powered tractor, this fuel starch is made from sugarcane bagasse.

Petrol and diesel prices have increased for the 9th consecutive day today. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. Petrol in Delhi has now reached close to Rs 90 per liter. Today, petrol in Delhi has become costlier by 25 paise to 89.54 rupees, which is the most expensive rate till date. Diesel is also very close to Rs 80 per liter, prices may rise tomorrow and it can cross Rs 80. The most expensive diesel in Delhi was sold in the last week of July last year, when the price was Rs 81.94 per liter and petrol rate was Rs 80.43 per liter. That means expensive diesel was sold from petrol at that time. The most expensive petrol in metro cities is being sold in Mumbai where the rate is 96 rupees per liter. While diesel is Rs 86.98 per liter.


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