Municipal corporation hit Indore pockets, now these things will be doubled


In the Kovid-19 period, the municipal corporation once again impacted the pockets of already troubled people. The corporation is going to double carbonization from April 1 with waste management fees. A new tax will also be issued to the public as a sewerage charge. The corporation commissioned Rs., Says Additional Commissioner S. Krishna Chaitanya. 204 crores on waste management, Rs 302 crores on water handling and retention in 2019-20 and Rs. 27 crores on maintenance of sewerage.

In lieu of which the Municipal Corporation as per the prevailing rate of Rs. 38 crores of waste management fee and Rs. Carbonization of 52 crores. Based on the demand to increase the rate by 5 times, an audit report has been made and the corporation has been sent to the state government. Following the Gazette notification, the government has been allowed to double the corporation rate to a maximum. The proposed rate in the context of the new rates is the corporation administrator and future dr. Pawan Sharma has been presented. He shook his head. Now, the new rates are going to come into effect from 1 April 2021.

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60% sewerage charge of carbonisation: where it is learned that 60% of the new water tax amount will also be charged as sewerage charge for maintenance of sewerage line. This tax is being levied by the Municipal Corporation for the first time. Usage fee (per month) Residential 240 Commercial 900 Industrial 1308 Government-Semi Government 240 Rs.

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Property Tax: 3 to 4 percent Impact: The three rate zones of property in Indore are 6, 8 and 10 percent. If the ALV of a property is between 6 and 36 thousand, it attracts 6 percent of the property, if it is between 36 and 60, it will be 8 percent, and if it is more than 60 thousand, then 10 Will have to pay a percentage property tax.

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Septage management fees as well, where there is no line; Septage management is to be levied where there is no sewer line and there is a septic tank. Its amount is going to be 40 percent of the water tax. Accordingly, a fee of Rs 160 per month for residential and government, 600 for commercial and Rs 872 per month for industrial will be charged.



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