Municipal commissioner Atik Kumar Pandey gets corona


Mumbai: Municipal Corporation Commissioner Atik Kumar Pandey of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra tested positive for the deadly virus corona. Recently, he took his second dose of the corona vaccine last month and is still testing positive, a civilian official said on Monday.

The COVID report of the Aurangabad civic chief came out positive on Sunday. He has mild symptoms and is currently out of the house. However, according to the Director and Medical Superintendent of RML Hospital, Drs. Rana Anil Kumar Singh had said that no deaths have been reported and Kovid’s severity has also reduced after vaccination. Dr. Sing, while speaking to a well-known media portal, said, “If you look at the statistics, people who get vaccinated contract a small minority virus and get infected. One thing is clear that the vaccinators Not a single case. And the contracted disease died. ”

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He further said that ‘other people who have been vaccinated and come in contact with the virus, it never takes serious form. In many cases, people will never know that they have contracted the virus. The Corona update for the district states that around 1,508 new cases have been reported on Sunday, up to 88,489, an official said. Officials said that 887 people from Aurangabad city and 621 from rural areas of the district were involved in the new cases.

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