Mandatory to wear masks even when sitting alone in car, Delhi HC order


New Delhi: It is compulsory to wear a mask even when alone in a car. The vehicle is like a public place and security cover, the mask cannot be ignored while sitting in it. The Delhi High Court said this in a decision. It is clear that it will be mandatory to wear a mask even when you are alone in the car, otherwise, the police may pay you a fine for violating the Corona Guidelines.

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The Delhi HC said that the mask is a protective shield that not only protects the wearer but also protects those close to him. The court said that from scientists to governments around the world, they have been instructed to wear masks. In fact, the Delhi High Court had on February 17 reserved its decision on the petitions filed against wearing masks even when alone in a car. Challan was challenged in the High Court by several people in the case. After hearing the arguments of the Center, the Government of Delhi and the petitioners, Justice Pratibha M. Singh reserved her decision.

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According to the Live Law website, during the hearing, the central government had said that it would be mandatory to wear masks if the car was alone, no order was ever issued. Means never issued orders to wear masks while alone in the car. However, the government had further said that the health of the people is a matter of a state government and the Delhi government has to take a decision on it. On the other hand, the Delhi government had told the court that in April 2020, it was made mandatory to wear masks alone or while driving an office car and the order is still in force.

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