Kovid negative report required before entry in Karnataka!

New Delhi. A decline in new cases of corona virus is being recorded across the country. But in Maharashtra and Kerala, corona cases are increasing continuously. In view of the increasing cases, other states have also become alert. In this regard, a statement was issued by the Revenue Minister of the Government of Karnataka. In which it was said that people entering the state through Mangalore, Kodagu, Mysore and Belgaum routes would have to show the negative RT-PCR report of COVID-19. Let the Karnataka government take this decision in view of the increasing cases of corona in Maharashtra and Kerala. The Karnataka government has made the Corona Negative Report mandatory for those who enter the state through this route. Earlier, it was mandatory for any international traveler to show RT-PCR test when he came to Bangalore airport.

It is worth noting that a day earlier, the Karnataka government had issued an advisory for people coming from Kerala. According to this, whoever is coming from Kerala to Bengaluru, it will be mandatory to show negative certificate of RT-PCR test. On the other hand, between the vaccination in the country, the entry of Corona virus in Brazil and South Africa variants has also been done. After the knock of this variant, along with Karnataka, states like Maharashtra and Kerala have also increased their vigor. Now any international traveler will have to undergo RT-PCR test upon arrival at Bengaluru Airport. This test will be done for those people who are coming through Brazil or South Africa in their journey.



At the same time, amidst increasing cases of corona in Maharashtra, three districts have declared their lockdown till Sunday. These three districts are Yavatmal, Akola and Amravati. A night curfew has also been ordered in Yavatmal till 28 February. The lockdown will remain in these three districts from 8 am on Saturday night till Monday morning. In Mumbai too, a new Corona Guideline has been released, under which strict action will be taken against those who break the rules of home quarantine. Apart from this, the seal of the person who is home quarantined will also be stamped. It is worth noting that out of all the cases of corona virus present in India, more cases are from Kerala and Maharashtra. The Health Ministry has also expressed concern about the condition of these states.




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