Kamal Nath gave this suggestion to CM Shivraj for control over Corona


Former Chief Minister and head of Madhya Pradesh Congress Kamal Nath has suggested a 12-point idea to control the epidemic in the state.

Kamal Nath wrote a letter to Chauhan in response to a telephonic discussion with the Chief Minister. The Congress leader has called for the removal of the age limit for vaccination and has demanded free vaccination for all. He said in his letter, “The state’s situation is very worrying and there is a need to ensure a joint strategy of intensive and fast vaccination campaign and COVID-19 proper behavior.” He made a 12-point suggestion to ensure this.

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In his suggestions, Nath said that the age bar of 45 years should be removed to vaccinate and suggested that it should be given free to all citizens. He requested the government to cover such areas from where patients were coming in large numbers. He suggested that a corona test drive be launched in which tests could be done at home; He also urged the government to increase the number of rapid antigen tests (RAT). He also requested that the test report be provided within eight hours and the contact tracing protocol be speeded up. He raised the issue of availability of beds in the state due to increase in the number of corona infected patients. He requested that the number of ICU and HDU beds be increased in hospitals.

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Meanwhile, the Chief Minister held a virtual cabinet meeting on the COVID-19 situation and interacted with various sections of the society, in which civil society, industrialists, businessmen, doctors, health workers, journalists and others sat.



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