India-Australia strong partnership will play an important role in the post-Corona world: PM Modi

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that a strong India-Australia partnership will play a key role in shaping the world after Kovid and expressed confidence that the two countries will take the lead in finding solutions on a cyclical economy. A cyclical economy refers to an economic system where there is maximum use of resources and waste and full emphasis on environmental protection. He said that the strong India-Australia partnership would play a key role in shaping the world after Kovid.

Modi emphasized, “… and our youth, our young innovators, our startups, will be at the forefront of this partnership.” Has put a lot of pressure on. He said, “We should never forget that we are not all owners of what Mother Earth gives us, but are its trustees for all generations to come.” He emphasized that the production process is more Making efficient or less polluting is not enough, because no matter how fast or slow it moves, if the direction is wrong, you are bound to get to the wrong place. He said, “And therefore, we should set the right direction.” The Prime Minister called for considering consumption practices and reducing their ecological impact.



He said that in such a situation comes the concept of a cyclical economy, which can be an important step in solving many of our challenges. Modi emphasized on reuse and recycling of goods and efficiency of resources and said that it should be a part of lifestyle. He said, “Indian and Australian students, startups and entrepreneurs have presented innovative solutions in this hackathon. These innovations reflect your commitment to the vision of a cyclical economy. “Modi said,” I have no doubt that your innovations will inspire both countries to lead a cyclical economy. ” The power of comes from openness to new ideas and innovations and risk-taking ability. The Prime Minister said, “We have full faith in the energy, creativity and different thinking of our youth. They can provide sustainable and comprehensive solutions not only to our two countries but to the whole world.




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