Here gold is being given to install Corona vaccine


At this time, the havoc of Corona is spreading rapidly throughout the country. Vaccination is being emphasized to end this havoc. Rapid vaccination is going on in all the states. At the same time, a campaign is being launched in many states to make more and more people aware of taking corona vaccine. Now recently there has been big news from the city of Rajkot in Gujarat. Actually, such a unique initiative is being done here that everyone is surprised after knowing.

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In fact, here, women who have received the corona vaccine are being given gold nose pins and hand mixtures to men. You may be shocked to hear this but it is true. You might know that the corona of corona in Gujarat is also growing rapidly. In view of the increasing cases, more and more people are being asked to get vaccinated. A number of programs are being organized for this. Now the Swarnakar community has started giving gifts to the common people for vaccination. In fact, here, women applying the Corona vaccine are being given gold nose pins and men are given handpacks.

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A free corona vaccination camp was organized by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation in collaboration with the Swarnakar Samaj of Rajkot at Kishore Singhji Primary School in Sonabazar. In this camp, 751 women have been given nose pins and 580 men have been given handwashing after vaccination. Here, when people go out with the vaccine, they are welcomed first. The men are then gifted a hand blender and the women are given a gold nose pin.

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