Guidelines issued regarding Ramadan, ban on use of loudspeaker during sehri


Lucknow: In view of increasing cases of coronaviruses, guidelines have been issued regarding Ramadan in Lucknow. These guidelines have been issued by the Islamic Center of India. The Islamic Center stated that the Corona Protocol should be fully followed even in Ramadan. The Maulana of the Center issued instructions that in many districts, the prayers of Taraweeh in Ramadan should not be read more than one and a half in Ramadan so that all people can return to their respective homes by 9 pm. ‘Clock. Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahli of the Islamic Center of India said, ‘This year, the moon of Ramadan will be seen on 12 April. If the Moon is seen, the first fast will be on 13 April, otherwise, it will be on 14 April. Corona cases are increasing, so everyone is urged to take full care of the Corona Protocol in Ramadan. ‘

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Maulana Mahali of the Islamic Center said that no more than 100 people would be allowed to visit any mosque at one time. Similarly, the submission of more than 100 persons at one speed has been banned. In Ramadan, it will be necessary for everyone to fully follow the Corona Protocol.

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Learn the essentials of a consultant at a glance:

(1) In Ramadan, it will be necessary to follow the corona rules.

(2) One and a half pare in mosques should be read in Taraweeh.

(3) Namazi night in the house before the curfew starts.

(4) No more than 100 persons enter the mosque.

(5) Masks and social distance should also be taken care of in the mosque.

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(6) Loudspeakers shall not be used for waking up during sehri.

(Than) If more than 100 persons are to be deposited in Iftar, then it will be prohibited.

In addition, advisory has been issued stating that fasting is the duty of Ramadan, so all Muslims should keep fasting. Do the adoration of the Taraweeh which is the Sunnah Muqadda in Ramadan. Iftari should also be organized for the poor this year.



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