Express train ‘broken’ from middle, 1 KM went half ahead, half left behind


In Lucknow, an express train was split into two and one part of it went ahead and one remained behind. This happened with Saptakranti Superfast Express. Saptakranti Superfast Express broke into two parts due to coupling breakdown. After this, half the train overtook about 1 kilometer. Information about the incident was given in the railway control room. By then the train could be connected, although any major accident was averted by the driver’s understanding.

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According to the information, Saptakranti Superfast Express (02558) going from Anand Vihar to Muzaffarpur arrives at Lucknow at 10:45 pm and after stopping for 10 minutes, goes to Muzaffarpur in Bihar. According to sources, the coupling connecting the two coaches opened suddenly as soon as Kakori arrived at the station. Because of which half the car broke away from the middle and moved forward. Half were left behind. The passengers were stunned as soon as they got information about the incident. On the information of the guard, the driver, who had gone almost 1 kilometer ahead, informed the control room to stop the train. However, there is no loss of passengers due to the opening of the couplings with a sharp shock.

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According to the sources, a major accident has been avoided due to the understanding of the driver and the guard, the work of connecting the coupling continued till late night after the train was stopped. According to Sanjay Tripathi DRM NR Lucknow, there was a simple coupling in the express which suddenly broke, causing the front part of the train to go much further. After this, the guard immediately informed the driver. After which half the train was brought back. And the work of adding couplings was done, although no one was harmed during this time.

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