‘Disaster will come from giving death penalty to women …’, Hindu religious leader raised voice to stop Shabnam’s hanging

Ayodhya: Shabnam, who committed the brutal killing of 7 members of her own family with an ax, is currently pleading to stop her hanging. His request is now being supported by Ayodhya, the city of Lord Shri Ram. Mahant Paramahansa Das has requested the President to stop the hanging of Shabnam.

Mahant Paramahansa Das said that in Hindu scriptures, the place of woman is far above men. Therefore, it is not appropriate to punish any woman. If a woman is treated like this, it is very unfortunate and because of this, we are inviting many disasters. Death penalty to women will not benefit the society. Shabnam’s crime is not excusable, but I appeal to the President to forgive her as a woman.



Urging Shabnam to be hanged, Mahant Paramahansa said that as a Hindu religious teacher, I request the President to accept Shabnam’s mercy petition. He further said that Shabnam repented his actions. The country confers some powers to the President, using which they should pardon Shabnam. Let it be said that it has been more than seven decades since India got independence, but no female prisoner has been sentenced to death so far.




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