Congress MLA Sanjay Shukla asks for so many Remedesiveer injections from the government


Indore: Congress MLA Sanjay Shukla is requesting the state government to provide 5000 remediesvir injections for Indore. They have said that this injection is being made available to them at a reasonable price. He is working to take this injection to the needy patients.

Shukla visited the most prominent super specialty hospital in Indore last evening, where he wore ATE insect for the infected patients of Kovid. During this period, the hospital superintendent and hospital management officials were also present. During the visit, several patients were found in this hospital who have suffered from a critical condition. These patients need Remedisvir injection. This injection is a victim of black marketing. Currently the situation is such that injections are not available to needy patients even at the price demanded.

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MLA Shukla said that he himself went to the drug market after seeing and knowing the need for injections in the hospital. When asked about the availability of this injection at many stores, every shopkeeper reported that there was no injection. After which, Shukla also visited several major medical stores and wanted to buy injections and was told that injections were not available in any of the medical stores.

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After the entire situation became clear, MLA Sanjay Shukla wrote a letter to the state CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Indore Collector Manish Singh last night. In this letter, MLA Shukla has said that 5000 remediesavir injections are going to be provided to the patients infected with a corona in Indore at the right price. This injection is to be delivered to needy patients. This injection will be given free of cost to those patients who are in poor economic condition and will be made available to those patients who are in good condition only at the price injected by the government.

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Administration needs to pay attention: MLA Shukla said that victims of corona infection have been craving for this injection in the hospital. The doctors are also saying that the injection must be given immediately to the patient, but even after that the injection is not available. In such a situation, the Indore administration and the state government should call for adequate injections and keep them in the hospital, so that no patient is harmed due to lack of proper medication.



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