Can not force rape accused to marry, but will have to go to jail: Supreme Court


In the case of rape on a government official in Maharashtra, the Supreme Court first said that it can help the person accused of rape to marry the victim, but later the court said that by not forcing the petitioner to marry him Can. Chief Justice SA Bobde made these comments during a hearing on an anticipatory bail plea of ​​a government employee accused of continuous rape and rape by a young woman in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

The Chief Justice told the petitioner’s lawyer, if you want to get married, we can help you, otherwise you will have to lose your job and go to jail. You have molested, raped a girl. You are a government employee, you should know the result.

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Counsel for the accused stated that his client is a government employee and may lose his job. The court said that you know that you are a government employee, we are not forcing you, otherwise you will say that the court wants you to marry her. The lawyer said that he would talk to his client and tell the court. Later, when the case was heard, the lawyer told the court that his client was married and could not marry the victim.

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He also said that the trial is on and charges have not been framed in the case. If I am arrested for being a government employee, I will be automatically suspended. The court said he would not be arrested for four weeks and could apply for regular bail.

The petitioner Mohit Chavan is a technician in the Maharashtra State Electricity Company. In December 2019, a girl was accused of forcibly raping her for a long time. According to the girl, since she was a minor, the accused was raping her. On this, the Jalgaon police registered a case under Paxo along with rape and threatening. The accused was granted anticipatory bail by the trial court but the High Court quashed the order. The accused filed an application against this in the Supreme Court.

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