Belha’s Lal won the battle of life after two shots


Sandeep Dwivedi, a deputy commandant from Lalganj, won the battle of life even after two shots fired in a Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh. After successful operation in the hospital, there was a wave of happiness on the faces of family members and relatives. He is currently posted in CRPF and went on special duty in Chhattisgarh. On reaching the hospital, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah has asked about his health. Everyone is praying for Belha’s recovery. He is posted as deputy commandant in CRPF. Currently his posting is in Guwahati, Assam. On March 22, he went on special duty in Chhattisgarh for a month. Two days ago, Deputy Commander Sandeep Dwivedi received two shots while on duty in a Naxalite attack. Both bullets went out of his arm and wrist. After being shot, the severely injured Deputy Commandant Sandeep Dwivedi was admitted to a local hospital in Chhattisgarh in a hurry.

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The family and relatives in Lalganj got upset due to their critical condition in the hospital. Everyone started praying for Belha’s Lal Sandeep. On Sunday night, the deputy doctors fired bullet shots at the operation. With the successful operation being done on Monday, the faces of the relatives blossomed when it was reported that they had won the battle of life. Relatives Anil Shukla, businessman Jai Kaushal, Niharika Shukla, Devanand Mishra, Gyan Prakash Shukla, Pushpa Devi, Rajesh Kumar, OP Shukla, Arvind Tiwari, etc., expressed happiness over the successful operation of deputy commandant. Meanwhile, in the hospital of Chhattisgarh, on Monday, the country’s Home Minister Amit Shah met the deputy commandant and got to know his condition.

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Assistant Commandant Sandeep Dwivedi, a resident of the city, was injured in a Naxalite attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. Contending with the Naxalites, Sandeep got hit by 2 bullets. Sandeep was admitted to the hospital in Raipur. Minister Nandi called Sandeep on Monday to know about the situation. Sandeep Dwivedi, who lives in Chameli Bai Dharamshala area of ​​Kotwali police station area, is an Assistant Commandant in CRPF. Sandeep received 2 bullets while fighting during a Naxalite attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. He was badly injured. He has been admitted to Raipur Hospital. On receiving information, his family members have reached Raipur from Prayagraj. On Monday, state government minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi praised Sandeep for his bravery by posting a photo on Twitter. After this, Minister Nandi called Sandeep and said that the whole city is proud of his bravery.

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