Beer bottles and cans will be cheaper in UP from tomorrow, the rate of liquor will also change


Beer is going to be cheaper in Uttar Pradesh from tomorrow i.e. April 1. Both cane and bottle prices will come down. Beer prices will decrease by about Rs 20 per can or bottle. A new excise session will also start in the state with the starting of the new financial year from the first April. In this new excise session, new prices of beer, domestic and English liquor will also be applicable in the state.

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According to the information received from the Excise Department of UP, from April 1, the beer will become cheaper in the state, while the prices of Indian and English liquor will increase slightly. Kanhaiya Lal Maurya, general secretary of the Liquor Vendor Welfare Association, said that a can or bottle of beer is currently worth Rs 130, which will be Rs 110 from April 1. In this way, the prices of beer will be reduced by about Rs 20 per can or bottle. According to Maurya, 42 ml intensity of 200 ml of country liquor will be available for Rs 85 instead of Rs 80. Whereas, the quantity of different brands of English liquor will increase by 15 to 20 percent.

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He said that the increase in license fees by seven and a half percent is the main reason behind this increase in the prices of domestic and English liquor from April 1. Although there has been no reduction or increase in the excise duty and license fee of beer, but its prices are being reduced to increase the consumption of beer in the state.

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