Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘As long as I am alive, no one can even take 1 inch of India’s land …’, Rajnath bluntly on China issue

New Delhi: The 10th meeting of the Corps Commander level between India and China is over. During this time both countries welcomed the process of withdrawing the forces stationed on the front line in East Ladakh and also gave positive signals for further. The response of Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has come on this.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that “the matter has been settled only after 9 rounds of talks at the military and diplomatic level.” But the Congress tried to tarnish our image. I want to ensure to all of you that as long as I am alive no one can take an inch of land from our country. They have agreed to remove their respective forces.



With this, an agreement has been reached between the two countries that India will not move beyond Finger 3 and China will not move beyond Finger 8 and the space between Finger 3 to Finger 8 will now be ‘No March Area’. That is, the armies of both countries will not be able to march in this area. According to the new agreement between India and China, India will have to be confined to its permanent position which is on Finger 3.




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