Angry at mother’s scolding in Patna, gang rape of a teenager who came out of the house, two real brothers and friends confessed to hotel room

Angered by the mother’s scolding, the incident of gang rape of a teenager who came out of the house has come to light. This shameful incident is in the Digha police station area of ​​Patna. Where in the late evening of 20 February, three teenagers raped the teenager in a hotel room located in Digha Canal.

In this case, a case has been registered on behalf of the victim in the police station, misdemeanor, Poxo Act and other relevant sections. Among the accused named, Suraj Saw and Krishna Kumar are siblings, while the third Shravan Kumar is the friend of the accused. The victim has been sent for medical treatment while the police of the Mahila police station is raiding their possible hideouts in search of the accused.


It has been reported that the victim was scolded by her mother on February 20 for something. Angered by this, she left the house at around 5:30 pm. On the way, an accused took him to a hotel on the Digha Canal, sitting on his bike. The young man’s brother and his friend also reached the hotel room. The victim alleges that the three accused in the closed room raped her in turn. She kept screaming but the poor people did not listen to her.


The accused escaped from the hotel room after the victim made noise. In the ill-fated state, the teenager came crying and crying and informed the family about the incident. After this, the family along with the victim reached Digha police station. From where the victim was sent to the women’s station. Aarti Jaiswal, in-charge of the police station, said that based on the statement and written application of the victim, a case is being registered against the accused and they are being searched. On Monday, the victim’s statement of 164 will also be recorded before the magistrate.




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