A village imposed corona lockdown until 15 April


Telangana: Once again in the second wave in Corona, the situation seems as if the lockout is going to be implemented, as the cases are increasing day by day. A village has imposed a lockdown in Telangana. Yes, the village was locked, not the city, as cases increased here. This village is Sirpur Gram Panchayat in Mallapur mandal of the village from Sunday to April 15.

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Let us know that this lockout imposed by the Gram Panchayat, after unanimously passed on Saturday, many people who attended the funeral a fortnight ago, tested positive for Kovid-19. As the number of cases in the village increased, district medical officers conducted tests on all villagers in a medical camp. So far, 27 villagers have tested positive for coronavirus.

As the number of cases here increased, the village sarpanch Buchya Govind called an emergency gram panchayat meeting and passed a resolution. It was decided that the hotel, the Tiffin Center and the haircutting salon would remain closed until 15 April. Clothing shops, engineering and electrical shops, fertilizer shops and grocery stores will be allowed to open twice a day – from 6 am to 10 pm and 5 pm. Until 9 pm – for the convenience of the public. The gram panchayat directed shop owners not to entertain people who do not wear masks, and imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 if anyone violated the panchayat’s proposal. Asking people not to venture without masks, the gram panchayat advised residents not to gather in groups in public places such as water tanks, bus stands and other areas.

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