1818 accused arrested in 755 FIR, many still absconding

The investigation was handed over to the Special Investigative Team (SIT) of the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police in the investigation of violence in North-East Delhi last year. The team has so far arrested 1818 people in the 755 FIRs registered during the ongoing investigation. While SIT has solved more than 400 cases so far. At the same time, investigation of other cases is still going on.

Which police unit investigated what
Three teams of Delhi Police were deployed to investigate the North-East Delhi riots. Out of this, three SITs of Crime Branch were formed, in which all important cases (about 60) were given. At the same time, a case was registered to uncover the conspiracy behind the riots, its investigation was handed over to the Anti-Terror Cell-Special Cell of Delhi Police. While the rest of the cases were investigated by the local police teams of the North-Eastern district.

What to say of Delhi Police Commissioner


On the Delhi Police Commission, SN Srivastava said that to ensure a fair and transparent investigation, we put more emphasis on collecting digital evidence. For this, more and more techniques were used and evidence based on science and technology was collected.

What data the technology used
Giving details of the use of the technology, the Delhi Police Commissioner said that the investigation team used CCTV footage to detect the accused using video footage and Facial Recognition System (FRS). In addition, data and location of electronic devices were used.

Action taken in a year

  • Total arrest by police in riot case – 1818
  • Arrest based on CCTV footage – 231
  • Out of this, through FRS (Face Recognition Technology) – 137
  • Through the use of driving license photographs – 94
  • Police filed FIR-755 in riot case
  • Number of people killed in North East Delhi riot – 53
  • Number of people injured in North East Delhi riot – 581




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