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Zero figure or to reduce pregnancy fat, this is Kareena Kapoor’s weight loss secret, you can also reduce weight by following several kilos

Kareena Kapoor Khan Secret Fitness And Diet Plan: Bollywood’s Bebo i.e. Kareena Kapoor Khan has given birth to a son on Sunday morning. Kareena Kapoor Khan is the second mother. Even at the age of 40, Kareena’s fitness remains a topic of discussion among her fans. Bebo’s style and fitness are followed by everyone from college going girls to middle age women. The only question that arises in everyone’s mind about Bebo is whether to maintain zero figure, or what is the weight after pregnancy, the secret of Kareena’s hot figure. Let’s know the answer to this question.

Kareena had lost 32 kg after the first delivery-
At the time of Timur’s birth, Kareena had gained a lot of weight, but she worked hard and achieved a fit and toned body by reducing her pregnancy fat within just 2 months. Kareena had lost about 14 kg weight at that time. To know the secret of Bebo’s fit figure and glowing skin in the list of Bollywood’s hot actress, Kareena’s diet and fitness routine include all the things.

Workout for fitness
Kareena was helped by exercise, yoga and a balanced diet to get back into shape after pregnancy. She goes up and down stairs to keep herself fit. Apart from this, she also does yoga and meditation a few days a week. Kareena exercises six days a week and takes Sunday rest.

Arial Silk Yoga
Kareena is a fitness freak and is always crazy about yoga. During Kareena’s post delivery, her yoga trainer Anshuka Parvani designed a special workout routine for him. Arial Silk Yoga was special in this. In Ariel Silk Yoga the whole body hangs between the ground and the air. This yoga is the focus on breathing with relaxation. It is very beneficial to do this after cardio. In addition to flying fit and palettes in Kareena’s fitness workouts, she also did running, weight training, strength training, squats and pushups to stay fit.



These drinks before and after workouts
Kareena drinks turmeric and gulakanda drinks before and after workouts. Apart from this, lemonade is his favorite drink. Kareena drinks lemongrass during workouts. After boiling lemongrass in water and cooling it, she mixes lemon and honey.

Take food on time-
Kareena starts her day by eating soaked almonds and bananas. After this she goes to her gym. Bebo likes to have her lunch at 12 noon so that the food can be digested properly. In lunch, she often likes to eat curd-rice and sometimes dal, vegetable, roti, salad. She consumes fruits at 2-3 in the afternoon. Kareena is very fond of eating and drinking, but she eats the food keeping her fitness in mind. In dinner, she sometimes eats pulav-raita, mint, spinach bread and curd or sometimes dal, vegetable and roti.




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