You may not know the importance of conch, know?


There are many beliefs in Hindu beliefs that have been in force for centuries. In fact, Hinduism is embedded in scientific grounds. Whatever is described in ancient and eternal beliefs, it is compatible with nature and respected by science. But currently, we do not go on the scientific side of it and only adopt the conservative and religious side, due to which we are moving away from nature.

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There are many beliefs that we can benefit from in life. These beliefs include the blowing of conch shells in the evening, and believing the conch to be sacred. Actually, the conch is found from the sea. Conch shells of different sizes have their own importance but all conch shells are used in invoking God.

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It is believed that in the evening the consolation destroys the germs present in the atmosphere. As far as the sound of the conch is heard, it does not have any bad effect for some distance from there. There is no disturbance in the nervous system of the conch player. By filling the conch with water and keeping it in worship and sprinkling that water in the house, germs are destroyed. The shell contains calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and parts of it are also mixed in water. Therefore, spraying and drinking conch water improves health. Conch is the protector. It also destroys enemies.

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