World’s most expensive house “Antilia”


Who doesn’t want to visit the grand and beautiful homes of their favorite celebrities? We should all peep in a sneak peek! By the way, Ambani is not less than any celebs. They are one of the most talked about families in the country. He has again hit the headlines as the prestigious Forbes magazine has named Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani as Asia’s richest person.

His residence, Antilia, is one of the most talked about buildings in the world. It is the second most expensive building after Buckingham Palace. This 27 floor building is known for its grand layout and design. We first took you through the design and features of the Ambani house.

This time, we thought about how you feel from inside. You can imagine the impressive features and design of the house by looking at the building from outside. Every corner of the house is beautifully done, to the liking of the family. We really can’t get enough of this beautiful house and here are some more pictures of her beautiful house.

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Now Ambanis are the owners of Antilia, you cannot expect anything ordinary. Even the lift has been done beautifully inside the house. Ambani’s in-house lift is done in mirror work fabric. Mirror work for elevators too? Well, its Antilia. How the lift works perfectly as a backdrop for the pictures!

Antilia looks like the film’s set. There is a look at the ladder that has been done beautifully for an event.

A look at the meeting area of ​​the house! This is a picture of Isha Ambani and friends of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. A mixture of brown and pastel colors make up this sitting area. We can see large indoor plants from behind and well the coffee table has such a beautiful decoration. There are also family photo frames on the side table.

The area also has a beautiful staircase with glass panels. Again, it seems to be off the set of a Bollywood film. Ambani can do it anyway!

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How do you imagine the area living in Antilia? This is where the most frequent get-togethers take place, the country’s largest celebs are a part of it. Ambani hosts the largest parties in Antilia, be it a birthday party or a wedding. Isha Ambani was married in Antilia last year and it was grand. The decor outside and inside of the building changes depending on the occasion.

Nita Ambani’s picture gives us a glimpse of it. In the center of the living area is a golden pillar embellished with lotus motifs and stunning sculptures. Do you see another staircase burning inside the house? Also, do not miss the marble flooring and lighting in the area.

Isha Ambani shot a magazine in the balcony of the house and with this you can think that the family will enjoy every morning.

On the table in Neeta Ambani’s bedroom are some pictures of her with husband Mukesh Ambani and also some books. Do you know that Nita Ambani is really fond of reading?

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The house is spread over 4,00,000 square feet and the family has built the entire house so beautifully, it has lots of art, pieces of decoration that you would hardly see anywhere else. In an interview, Nita Ambani shared that it is Isha Ambani who has introduced her to various artworks and artists.

The terrace garden also has a seating area, lots of greenery and some beautiful plants. Just the right place to enjoy some fresh air!

As one walks around the living area one can find, lots of family beautiful photo frames are set. This picture of Nita Ambani gives us a glimpse of the seating area. There is also a statue of Lord Ganesha on a table.

One look at Isha Ambani’s room! It also has such beautiful decorations, artistic lampshades, a beautiful chandelier and paintings on the wall.



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