Why we should apply sandalwood on the belly button


Natural oils are highly beneficial for our body and skin but what goes on is still not understood by many people. One such practice in some households is to apply sandalwood oil on the belly button. According to mythology, the theory is that Lord Brahma, who according to faith is the creator of the world, was born from a lotus that came from the navel of Lord Bishnu who was the operator of the world. So belly button is considered very important. But what happens if we apply sandalwood oil.

A belly button is where a baby in the womb is connected to the mother’s heart through the umbilical cord. The blood supply and all nutrients pass through the navel. Once the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut, so it defines the origin of our existence. It is considered to be the center of the root of the human body.

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Navel therapy

This is a study that is used for healing by applying oil to your belly button. The right oil nourishes the body in many ways and at the same time some confidence.

Using sandalwood paste or oil

As many of us know, sandalwood oil is used in many religious ceremonies and spiritual practices. According to Buddhist belief, the smell of sandalwood is great for maintaining alertness and meditation during meditation.

Health facilities
According to Ayurveda, sandalwood oil is considered very good for treating mental and physical disorders. This includes diarrhea, anxiety, bronchitis, fever and fatigue, blood pressure issues, insomnia, low libido, UTI, etc.

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Hand it over

If you go through aromatherapy, sandalwood oil, when absorbed by the skin, helps the brain to control emotions. It is called the limbic system when oil seeps through the skin and is said to transmit messages to control the brain. It works on stress and helps you to keep you calm and calm. It also works on anxiety.

How to make sandalwood oil at home
Invest in sandalwood powder or chips online or in shops and collect mortar and pestle to crush the chips.
Take a glass jar and mix the powder with olive oil and let me stay for a week but shake it occasionally.
Next, after a week, strain the mixture and once you drain the oil, store it in a glass bottle and keep it in a dark and cool place.
Do a patch test before use as this will be a very pure form of it.
When applying directly to the skin, mix it with carrier oil, as it is not recommended to use essential oils directly.
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for marriage
Though this has not been proved, but a Pandit has asked me to apply sandalwood in his navel so that he can get married quickly. I personally do not believe in it but there is no harm in trying because it has no side effects. Have any of you tried this tip?



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